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  • Coming Home to Bandung’s Creative Community

    15 March 2014  •   •  3 comments

      “One thing I miss about living in Bandung is the creative atmosphere. Almost every chat ends in an idea to create something. Your friend already had an idea for an app of Bandung night heritage trail,” I explained to Arif Rahman, a prominent Indonesian travel blogger while we were cruising with the new Nissan Read More

  • Beautifully Bent

    2 November 2012  •   •  0 comment

      It took us some time to figure out how we can participate in this weeks #FriFotos theme: curve. First thing that came to mind are extreme curved structure or aurora pics at the poles to really divine curves. Ah, a dream. But in the mean time, we didn’t look very far for bended lines. Read More

  • Monday Photo – Strawberry Garden in Lembang, West Java

    30 July 2012  •   •  0 comment

    These cutesy bright red fruits might be something regular to those of you from the colder side of hemisphere. But to us tropical beings, strawberries as well other berries are quite rarely found in our daily lives, hence they are special. Visiting Lembang, the highland only half an hour drive from Bandung, can be very Read More

  • Monday Photo – Watching Mwathirika Puppet Show in Bandung

    17 June 2012  •   •  0 comment

    One of my favorite things to do when traveling is to see some artistic performances. Last weekend, I went to Bandung mainly to see this puppet show performed by Paper Moon puppet theater from Yogyakarta, the show is called “Mwathirika”. It was artistically awesome as it was a tear-jerker, with the theme about victims of the communist movement in 1965 in Indonesia. The title itself came from Swahili language means ‘victim’.

  • Bandung City – My Personal Favorites

    12 October 2011  •   •  0 comment

    One Saturday morning I woke up and out of nowhere a light bulb lit in my head. I thought, ‘Hey, why not I make a list of things and places I love most in Bandung?’ I took my laptop to the living room, slid open the balcony door, dragged my bean bag chair to the doorway and prepared a glass of milk.  And here’s the outcome of the productive Saturday morning in a rarely cool weather of Jakarta.

    My favorite places to eat

  • Friday Photo – Gedung Sate, Lit Up

    22 September 2011  •   •  0 comment

    Remember this and this?

  • Friday Photo from Bandung- Not Your Ordinary Alley

    10 June 2011  •   •  0 comment

    This is a typical scene of an alley in a big city in Indonesia. Mang (translate: uncle) Ista, my nick for Gyaista, took the picture. An occupied clothesline in an alley passed by motorcycles, is very typical in areas that doesn’t have the luxury of space. Wouldn’t you question the owner’s definition of clean clothes? I did, especially having the line underneath birdcages. I’m like wha(t)?? I guess a (wo)man’s gotta do what a (wo)man’s gotta do to survive the cruel city. However, no matter how typical this scene might be, the picture is not.

  • Friday Photo from Tangkuban Perahu: Danger in Beauty

    25 November 2010  •   •  0 comment

    I forgot how amazing the view at Tangkuban Perahu mountain is, or the crater to be exact, until I visited it again just a few days ago with Mumun on my 2-day escape from busy Jakarta. The last time I went there was probably 20 years ago, and all I remembered was the sulfur that smells much like rotten eggs. It still smells like that, which means it’s still an active volcano.

    Best time to visit: weekdays or non-holidays, so you wouldn’t be squeezed among crowded tourists. Unless if that’s what you’re looking for.