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  • Friday Photo – Lonely Bromo

    24 September 2012  •   •  4 comments

      There’s a reason why I idolize Yudi, short for Yunaidi, an Indonesian blogger from Pekanbaru. He might be young for a photographer but he can sure take great pictures. I was fortunate to travel with him during the Yadna Kasada at Bromo a few months back just to see him work. Of course, that’s Read More

  • Bromo in the Morning – Friday Photo

    10 August 2012  •   •  0 comment

      It was one of the hardest morning I had to bare. The air was super cold, I couldn’t keep my calm. I was shivering. I could see my breath. I had only slept for an hour in a sitting position and I was fasting, so goodbye coffee. But all of that couldn’t stop me Read More