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  • Friday Photo – Lonely Bromo

    24 September 2012  •   •  4 comments

      There’s a reason why I idolize Yudi, short for Yunaidi, an Indonesian blogger from Pekanbaru. He might be young for a photographer but he can sure take great pictures. I was fortunate to travel with him during the Yadna Kasada at Bromo a few months back just to see him work. Of course, that’s Read More

  • Monday Photo – Dances with Dayak

    9 July 2012  •   •  0 comment

    I have a thing for tattoos. There’s something about inking yourself permanently which seems very exotic. Unfortunately, I’m too of a chicken s**t to get one. Nonetheless, when you have a tattooed man in a traditional Dayak outfit, it’s a double dose of exoticism and adds my eagerness to see the real traditional people of Read More

  • Monday Photo – Settle by the Sea at Ndaa Island

    11 June 2012  •   •  0 comment

    Sometimes you wonder, how can people in isolated and less modern areas live the way they live? No high speed internet, no malls, no cars, no AC, no cafes, no supermarket, no body lotion, nothing but the basics. Because you’re curious, you pack your bags and travel far to that less modern area where you meet something that looks like this. For that split second you realize, ‘Live like this? Ooohh! No wonder people don’t move to the city. Now, why did I have to live in the city, again?’

  • Monday Photo – Pindapatta procession just before the Vesak day

    13 May 2012  •   •  0 comment

    Today’s photo is a contribution from our friend Fahmi Anhar from Magelang. Let him tell you about this photo. Give it up for Fahmi!

    Travel Indonesia - Magelang  

  • Friday Photo – Colors of Timor Farmers

    4 May 2012  •   •  0 comment

    Forget the trend in Milan, Paris, or Tokyo! No body can dictate the color trends of the Timor farmers. Who knew, purple would go so well with green, brown, and a dash of beetle nut red? The farmers did. They even have the eggplant to prove it! Add to that, they proved that YOU CAN wear ‘ikat’ cloth and be stylish when you’re harvesting the garden goods. This is a picture that we pulled out from dinar’s (this is not a typo, she likes the small d) stash.

  • Monday Photo from Danau Toba – The Biggest Lake in Indonesia

    27 February 2012  •   •  0 comment

    Meet a new friend of ours, Ahmad, also known as Mad. Yes, maybe he is a bit mad, but we won’t go there today 😀 He’s one of Indonesia’s travel enthusiasts that also believes people should start wandering away from Bali. This is his picture of Toba Lake, North Sumatera, the biggest lake in Indonesia. Ain’t it a beaut? This particular picture is his 34th photo of his project: 365 pictures of Indonesia, an ambitious project that we highly support. In the mean time, we can only sigh since we personally haven’t been there yet.

  • Friday Photo from Yogyakarta – Traveling the Sky

    9 February 2012  •   •  0 comment

    The sky is no longer the limit. After roaming the land and diving the sea, our friend Poppy Siregar (@si_bohai) took her adventures to the sky. She went paragliding for the second time in Timbis – Nusa Dua, Bali sometime ago and brought back this picture as a souvenir. Compared to Parangtritis, Jogjakarta, she said the sharp cliffs of Bali lifted the parachute easily. Not to mention, there was no waiting line for take off. As you can see, she was captivated. She only regrets that she didn’t captivate the view on her professional camera.

  • Monday Photo – Color in Black in White

    8 August 2011  •   •  0 comment

    Uploaded on behalf of Mumun

    Cindy, my travel mate of Flores, complained on how boring the human skin is. In a way she’s right. Compared to the Scorpion fish, bat fish, nudibranches, human skin is dull. We’re no peacock, tigers, nor chameleon that can share colors on our body. But that probably is a good thing, hehehehe…

  • Friday Photo from Bandung- Not Your Ordinary Alley

    10 June 2011  •   •  0 comment

    This is a typical scene of an alley in a big city in Indonesia. Mang (translate: uncle) Ista, my nick for Gyaista, took the picture. An occupied clothesline in an alley passed by motorcycles, is very typical in areas that doesn’t have the luxury of space. Wouldn’t you question the owner’s definition of clean clothes? I did, especially having the line underneath birdcages. I’m like wha(t)?? I guess a (wo)man’s gotta do what a (wo)man’s gotta do to survive the cruel city. However, no matter how typical this scene might be, the picture is not.

  • Friday Photo from Indonesia- Rooster over a G. I. Joe

    14 February 2011  •   •  0 comment

    I happen to stumble (and not the website) on this picture through a cousins Facebook account. I swear Facebook does wonders! Meet Azwir Tafsir, an Indonesian photographer, with an album fat of enhanced yet beautiful pictures. I happen to love this one. Quite simple, children playing with a rooster. It’s a common sight in any developing country, especially since boys can’t really afford fancy toys and live in lesser developed areas. But the joy is the same, don’t you think? And you can see that in their faces.