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  • Monday Photo – A Monday Smile from Yogyakarta

    23 July 2012  •   •  0 comment

    Most of the time, you travel to see something on your bucket list or such. But on that rare occasion you stumble into a moment where you can celebrate, participate, or enjoy the different ambiance of the area. Those moments happen magically, as these smiles of the Yogyakarta people on their parade through the small Read More

  • Friday Photo – Prambanan Temple in D.I. Yogyakarta

    10 May 2012  •   •  2 comments

    At several nights a week, Prambanan temple becomes the backdrop of Ramayana dance. In daylight, this is what one of the temples looks like. It’s a complex of Hindu temples that resembles Cambodia’s Angkor Wat quite a bit, with the cone-shaped tops and consisted of many temples.

  • Friday Photo from Yogyakarta – Traveling the Sky

    9 February 2012  •   •  0 comment

    The sky is no longer the limit. After roaming the land and diving the sea, our friend Poppy Siregar (@si_bohai) took her adventures to the sky. She went paragliding for the second time in Timbis – Nusa Dua, Bali sometime ago and brought back this picture as a souvenir. Compared to Parangtritis, Jogjakarta, she said the sharp cliffs of Bali lifted the parachute easily. Not to mention, there was no waiting line for take off. As you can see, she was captivated. She only regrets that she didn’t captivate the view on her professional camera.

  • Monday Photo from Yogyakarta – Extra, Extra! Read All About It!

    5 December 2011  •   •  0 comment

    There was a time in Indonesia, when even the news paper was considered a luxurious item. Not only was it expensive, but reading was a skill for those that were blessed with the opportunity of an education. So not all can afford a few pieces of paper filled with writing on it. Hence, many councils placed the news paper on boards for people to read it. But with information accessed at the tip of our fingers, you would think this idea was from a long time ago. Ding dong, wrong!

  • Friday Photo from Yogyakarta: Red Hot Chili Soldiers

    13 January 2011  •   •  0 comment

    Carnival Pakualaman was held for a Paku Alam birthday or Pengetan Tingalan Dalem Kanjeng Gusti Pangeran Adipati Ario Paku Alam IX. All the people of Yogyakarta around Pakualaman spilled into the street watching the parade.