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  • Terios 7 Wonders: Observing the Road and the Life of Baluran National Park

    10 October 2013  •   •  4 comments

    Day 6-7. Destination: Baluran National Park. It was easy to understand that we were to visit Baluran National Park as the next destination. By location, it’s smacked in the middle of our route. We did about 7 hours on the road and, again, we failed to meet a sunset on this lag of the trip. Read More

  • Ijen Crater, East Java – Never Hike Again!

    11 September 2013  •   •  0 comment

    Remember how we huffed n’ puffed when hiking a hill on Dieng Plateau? I swore I wasn’t ever going to hike a hill or a mountain again! And like many ‘nevers’, this promise was finally broken, in less than a year’s time. To my defense, I had no other choice. I was going to Baluran Read More

  • Museum Tempo Doeloe – Monday Photo

    24 June 2013  •   •  2 comments

    Museum Tempo Doeloe or translated as ‘old time museum’ is a relatively newly opened museum in the heart of Malang city, East Java. It displays generally the history of Indonesia, focusing more on the history of East Java and Malang. Displayed above is Ken Arok, said to be the founder of Singasari Kingdom in 13th Read More

  • Vintage Cigarette Labels – Monday Photo

    31 March 2013  •   •  0 comment

      East Java is a source of evil, in a way that there are so many cigarette factories in the province. Here’s a proof of it: a collection cigarette labels carrying various brands. I saw this in Inggil Restaurant and Museum in Malang, East Java. The mostly manually drawn then printed cigarette labels are framed Read More

  • Monday Photo from Baluran – Indonesia is Hot!

    29 October 2012  •   •  0 comment

    Ah Indonesia! A country so lush with tropical forest and green with rice paddies. Or so it may seem. If this is the Indonesia you’ve been hearing about, maybe it’s time for us to tweak this image just a little bit. You see, Indonesia has various ecosystems, and even on the fertile of Java we Read More

  • Friday Photo – Lonely Bromo

    24 September 2012  •   •  4 comments

      There’s a reason why I idolize Yudi, short for Yunaidi, an Indonesian blogger from Pekanbaru. He might be young for a photographer but he can sure take great pictures. I was fortunate to travel with him during the Yadna Kasada at Bromo a few months back just to see him work. Of course, that’s Read More

  • Bromo in the Morning – Friday Photo

    10 August 2012  •   •  0 comment

      It was one of the hardest morning I had to bare. The air was super cold, I couldn’t keep my calm. I was shivering. I could see my breath. I had only slept for an hour in a sitting position and I was fasting, so goodbye coffee. But all of that couldn’t stop me Read More