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  • Friday Photo – Colors of Timor Farmers

    4 May 2012  •   •  0 comment

    Forget the trend in Milan, Paris, or Tokyo! No body can dictate the color trends of the Timor farmers. Who knew, purple would go so well with green, brown, and a dash of beetle nut red? The farmers did. They even have the eggplant to prove it! Add to that, they proved that YOU CAN wear ‘ikat’ cloth and be stylish when you’re harvesting the garden goods. This is a picture that we pulled out from dinar’s (this is not a typo, she likes the small d) stash.

  • Friday Photo from Timor – The Merry Mollo Ceremony

    2 March 2012  •   •  0 comment

    Our friend, Dinar, just came back Mollo village, TTS, East Nusa Tenggara. Upon her visit, the villages held an official greeting ceremony with dances and the whole festive work. They put on a lot of traditional cloths, which they made themselves, and it looked rich. Layers upon layers of cloth showed us how rich they are in preserving what have been passed on for generations. Big hugs for Dinar because she gave Indohoy a bunch of pictures to show!  Stay tuned guys, for more of these pictures.

  • Monday Photo from Flores- Away To Daydream

    25 July 2011  •   •  0 comment

    While a lot f people like to look for excitement during their travels, we sometimes look for the opposite. Living in a city as hectic as Jakarta will eventually drive us to search something a little toned down. And in that slow motion life, we daydream. A lot of our friends do the same, just simply daydream or just not think at all.

  • Friday Photo from Flores – Pick a Kid

    14 July 2011  •   •  0 comment

    If you were once an active kid, you’d probably be familiar with todays picture. Ah yes, the joy of getting up, staying up, and figuring how to get back down can always complete one’s childhood. In Indonesia, having so many trees, seeing a kid up in a tree isn’t hard to find. Having a dense population would probably end up with finding a lot of kids in a tree… and probably a grown man. This sight was taken during the Sagi, traditional boxing, in Bajawa, Flores. Cindy took the pic. Now, if they were apples, how would I choose which to pick?

  • Friday Photo – Why Go Waecicu?

    1 July 2011  •   •  0 comment

    Well, here’s one reason, as Indra Febriansyah put it in this picture below: Waecicu Eden Hotel’s bungalows in modified local style facing the serene Waecicu beach with golden sunset in the afternoons. Each bungalow with a hammock on the terrace to enjoy the view and sip a glass of fresh juice at, what more could you want in a holiday down at Flores Island, East Nusa Tenggara?

  • Monday Photo from Seraya – This is a Goat! Not a Dog!

    6 June 2011  •   •  0 comment

    -Vira, uploaded by Mumun-

    I took this pic on Seraya island, East Nusa Tenggara province, a month ago. Goats are everywhere in Indonesia, but apparently not in the world. An Indonesian friend of mine who grew up mostly in western countries once yelped excitedly, “Hey, look at that dog!” being a dog lover that she is. And then the rest of the people I the car that time, were confused not seeing any dog in sight. Turns out the dog that she meant, was a goat! Till this day, I wonder, what’s so similar about dogs and goats either than their 4 feet? 😀

  • Monday Photo from Flores – Small Thing with Big Impact

    23 May 2011  •   •  0 comment

    Chili or what we call as “cabai” or “cabe” in Indonesian Language is one of our favorite pods to add flavor to our various kinds of food. Pictured here is the red chili from Flores, planted in the garden of Gardena Homestay in Labuan Bajo, Flores Island. It’s said to be one of the most deadly hot chili types in Indonesia, other than the ones from Manado and Tana Toraja. Dare to have a bite?


  • Monday Photo from Kupang – Everything Needs Change

    7 March 2011  •   •  0 comment

    Do you remember that time we did a piece on Kupang, and we showed you a photo of a house with dry surroundings? Well here it is again, but in a different season (sounds like I’m talking about fashion :P). I visited the area again and during the wet season, this dry province changes in to green as far as the eye can see. It’s an instant change that doesn’t last long, only through the regular rain occurrence. I was surprised to see the change and happy to show you the difference.