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  • Terios 7 Wonders: Thank You, Road Trippers!

    20 October 2013  •   •  15 comments

      Road trips are a test of friendship. Usually you come out loving or hating your travel mates. In this case, I didn’t murder anyone and I lived to tell this story, which overall pretty much says I love most of these dudes! Dancing with Om Endi. Fun! There were a lot of surprises during Read More

  • Terios 7 Wonders: My Heart Goes to Sumbawa Kids.

    19 October 2013  •   •  6 comments

    The 7 cars raced through Sumbawa as we still had a long way to go. We’ve been slacking on our schedule a bit as we made so many video shots of the cars on the road. While coming in late in the afternoon, we just happened to notice a mountain in the distance with rolling Read More

  • Terios 7 Wonders: Minor Wonders on the Road Trip

    17 October 2013  •   •  6 comments

      There is no denying that you’ll find strange things when traveling. Much of the world is out of your norm, hence the slightest things can be different and interesting to one’s eye. A lot of these interesting things can be found at a destination. But what could be found in between destinations? Road trips Read More

  • Terios 7 Wonders: Defining Hidden Paradise in Lombok

    12 October 2013  •   •  4 comments

    Day 8-9: A whole lot of Lombok. Sade Village in Rambitan, was our next destination. This traditional village is located in the middle of Lombok Island and has maintained much of its old way of life. From maintaining the traditional houses, weaving, collecting rice in their storage, dances, hitting each other with rattan for sports, Read More

  • Terios 7 Wonder: Camping at Ranu Pane, at the Foot of Semeru Mountain

    7 October 2013  •   •  3 comments

    Day 4-5. Destination: Ranu Pane. By this day, I knew more of my bigger traveling family, which are drivers, winners of the Terios 7 Wonder blogging competition, and a few reporters from automotive media; some are pretty senior. It’s interesting to travel with this type of journalists. I’ve learned that these guys are people that Read More

  • Monday Photo – Land Above the Clouds

    26 March 2012  •   •  0 comment

    When you look outside the window of an airplane, don’t you ever wonder what it feels like to be above the clouds but not within the walls of aircraft? Well we can tell you it feels fantabulous! We experienced this sensation last weekend when road tripping to Dieng, Central Java, the land above the clouds. The air was fresh, chilly, and the view was no doubt mind-boggling. Dude, we were above clouds! But we did note, it’s no easy task to reach the sky and that applies to any metaphor.

  • Friday Photo From Pangandaran – Reminiscing Puspita Road Trip

    24 November 2011  •   •  0 comment

    Looking at past pictures are fun, aren’t they? I’ve always enjoyed reminiscing the good times I’ve traveled Indonesia, especially ones I don’t have memory of… Heehee. One of them was this. As some might remember, the VW is called Puspita.