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  • Welcome to the Jungle Land, West Java

    23 March 2015  •   •  4 comments

    It’s all fun and games until someone rode the thunder! It’s Middle School all over again. I doubted my guts to get on that ride, where I’d be spinned upside down at god knows how high, but my travel mates convinced me to go. Torn between fear and curiosity (in middle school it was between Read More

  • Dream of Traveling Around Indonesia

    22 March 2015  •   •  0 comment

    I remember starting to have an obsession for traveling around the world when I was in high school. Stories upon stories from schoolmates originated from diverse countries made me wonder what’s really out there?   A decade later, that dream hadn’t come true, but I was taking baby steps. I traveled abroad within Asia. Amazed Read More

  • 5 Things To Do in Bali

    26 January 2014  •   •  0 comment

    The most reason people go to Bali is obvious; surfing and chilling out. Yup, Bali is blessed with the diverse kinds of pipes and endless numbers of beaches, not to mention the warm water. But if you’re looking for variety or maybe aren’t into acrobats on water, here’s good news for you: Bali is not Read More

  • Expectedly Feast at Feast Restaurant, Sheraton Hotel Bandung.

    17 July 2013  •   •  0 comment

    Traveled on May 2013 Pomelo is the largest orange in its family and similar to the grapefruit. It’s usually pale greenish yellow outside and with pink pale flesh when ripe. It’s pretty big, reaching the size of a small melon. Although most Indonesians know this fruit, pomelo isn’t the easiest thing to find being seasonal. Read More

  • Holiday Essentials

    11 May 2013  •   •  0 comment

    Jetting off to a sunny haven this year? Traveling to Indonesia perhaps? Holidays abroad can easily turn in to stressful ordeals if we don’t go prepared. We look forward to our holiday and want to make the most of the time we spend away from the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives. These top Read More

  • Keeping the Kids Protected: Top Sun Care Options in the Tropics

    28 April 2013  •   •  0 comment

    Welcome to the tropics!! Wherever you are choosing to holiday this season, one thing’s for sure; if you’re heading for a beach break such as Bali, Karimun Jawa, or anywhere involving the sun, you’re going to need to look after your skin. We Indonesians can adapt better with more sun, but there’s no harm in Read More