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  • Hifatlobrain.net – High Fat, Low Brain Travel Bunch

    1 March 2013  •   •  0 comment

      If there is one thing that I was looking forward to do in Surabaya, it would be meeting up with the Hifatlobrain-ers. Www.Hifatlobrain.net blog is one of my favorite Indonesian travel blogs since it has a lot of great stories about venturing the country. I heart their photos and I snuggle to their warm Read More

  • Monday Photo – Surabaya’s Preserved Details

    4 June 2012  •   •  0 comment

    Surabaya is one of those cities that you pass by. It has been known to be the gate of many natural wonders of East Java, but hardly been heard as a destination. After our weekend there, we wonder why. Surabaya has so many beautiful old colonial and art-deco style buildings. Some maintained, some not. Nonetheless, interesting to observe. One of my favorites is what I call the ‘owl’ building. Not only is it a preserved detailed building, I rarely see this bird being the object of old buildings. Heart!