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  • Becak Is The Transportation of My Indonesia

    1 November 2011  •   •  1 comment

    Although I have already stated that Ojegs are my transportation of choice, I must admit I have a soft spot for Becaks. Becak is a bicycle kind of contraption made to transport 1 person or more depending how well you can pack yourselves in one. Because it’s a cycling device, the driver basically cycles you around. It’s similar to the rickshaw but more humane, should we call it that.

  • Bajaj, Shaking Things Up!

    23 September 2011  •   •  0 comment

  • Many Names for Angkot, But They’re All the Same

    18 September 2010  •   •  0 comment

    In several provinces of Indonesia, this public transportation actually has different names, but it is widely known as “angkot”, short from “angkutan kota”, which means ‘city/town transportation’. It’s called “pete-pete” (read: pay-tay pay-tay) in Makassar, “bemo” in Kupang, “mikrolet” for some routes in Jakarta, and “taksi” (which literally means ‘taxi’) in some places in Sumatera.


  • Ojek – An Alternative Transportation

    13 September 2010  •   •  1 comment

    A public transportation service in Indonesia is usually marked by its yellow license plate. But, in Indonesia there are a few ‘alternatives’. One of my personal favorite public transports is the Ojeg, which sometimes are spelled Ojek. It’s not a specific device, it’s more to a system. An Ojeg is a private owned motorcycle taxi that can take you almost anywhere you want as long as the driver knows where you’re going and would like you take you there. Some say that its name is an abbreviation of ‘Ongkos ngaJEGang’ which translate to the fare to keep your legs apart, LOL!