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  • Monday Photo from Baluran – Indonesia is Hot!

    29 October 2012  •   •  0 comment

    Ah Indonesia! A country so lush with tropical forest and green with rice paddies. Or so it may seem. If this is the Indonesia you’ve been hearing about, maybe it’s time for us to tweak this image just a little bit. You see, Indonesia has various ecosystems, and even on the fertile of Java we Read More

  • Friday Photo from Flores – Pick a Kid

    14 July 2011  •   •  0 comment

    If you were once an active kid, you’d probably be familiar with todays picture. Ah yes, the joy of getting up, staying up, and figuring how to get back down can always complete one’s childhood. In Indonesia, having so many trees, seeing a kid up in a tree isn’t hard to find. Having a dense population would probably end up with finding a lot of kids in a tree… and probably a grown man. This sight was taken during the Sagi, traditional boxing, in Bajawa, Flores. Cindy took the pic. Now, if they were apples, how would I choose which to pick?

  • Monday Photo – It’s Green Canyon and It’s Grand!

    10 January 2011  •   •  0 comment

    The Green Canyon has been a more popular destination for those visiting Pangandaran. But apparently, not a lot of people extend their way to the end of the river. Once they reached the gateway, they stop and admire what they see. The fact is swimming beyond is what makes Green Canyon worth the visit. Now seriously, how can you refuse a swim like this?

  • Monday Photo : Badul Island, Banten

    23 August 2010  •   •  0 comment

    See that beauty down there? It’s an island in the Sumur Village, Banten Province. Indonesia has 17,000 (or more) islands including the very small and unoccupied ones like this Badul Island. It’s a choice to go off the beaten track and the beach is there for you to lie down and tan all day long…

    Travel Indonesia: Badul Island