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  • Terios 7 Wonders: Crossing Kinahrejo, Probably the True Hidden Paradise

    4 October 2013  •   •  2 comments

    Day 2 – 3. Destination: Kinahrejo, D.I. Yogyakarta Some people struggle to understand how 870 km needs about 18 hours of driving, especially to those that live in developed countries. The distance on the map is so insignificant, it challenges logic to think it takes that much time on the road. But the reality is, Read More

  • Cave Tubing in Pindul Cave, D I Yogyakarta

    31 July 2013  •   •  2 comments

    Mumun and I went cave tubing with the Yogyes crew a while ago. Then on a press trip a few months after that I returned to the same cave, as an itinerary arranged by Pop Hotel’s PR team. Cave tubing in Pindul Cave is one of the sites that Yogyakarta’s tourism board has been promoting Read More

  • Ratu Boko, D.I. Yogyakarta – A Vast Land of Mystery

    9 June 2013  •   •  8 comments

    Visited in May 2012   Ratu Boko is located only about 3 km South to Prambanan temple. Is this archaic site a temple? Is it a monument? Or is it an alien runway? I used to think it was a temple like Prambanan, Borobudur and Mendut. Turns out, analysis of archeological researches say that Ratu Read More

  • 5 Places to Eat in Yogyakarta

    22 May 2013  •   •  4 comments

    There are probably millions of places where you can eat in Yogyakarta, each of them offering great culinary experiences. These 5 are the ones I visited in one trip in June, 2012. I think they’re still around until now. Some have even been around since forever! 1.    Horse Satay (Sate Jaran) This is even weird Read More