• 9 Tips to Enjoy Vesak at Borobudur, Central Java – Indonesia

    14 May 2013

    Vesak or Waisak day is coming near. If you’re going to be a part of the ceremony, you might want to look at the following tips to enjoy vesak at Borobudur to be a bit more prepared. 1. How to g ...
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  • Holiday Essentials

    11 May 2013

    Jetting off to a sunny haven this year? Traveling to Indonesia perhaps? Holidays abroad can easily turn in to stressful ordeals if we don’t go prepared. We look forward to our holiday and want to ma ...
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  • 5 Items that Can Dress Up Your Travels

    14 August 2012

    We won’t deny it. We’re girls that like to dress up and we take it on the road with us. We’re not crazy about how we look, but we enjoy a little color and accessories in our lives, especially wh ...
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  • 9 Practical Tips for Group Traveling

    31 July 2012

      Traveling can be easy and tricky at the same time. Any simple thing can lead to breaking or making the trip. We’re breaking down the real deal about traveling in groups with some practical t ...
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  • “Road trip! Woohoo!” (How to Survive a Road Trip)

    25 July 2012

      You don’t hear that too often anymore, do you? Lately, traveling has been about efficiency, where you want more time at your destination. There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s all abou ...
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  • Vira’s 8 Favorite Accommodations in Indonesia.. So Far

    10 July 2012

    Accommodation, to me, takes an important role in making a comfortable and memorable stay at a destination. I could even decide to go to a destination just so I could spend a night or two at a hotel, h ...
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  • Traveling without Moving: Tips in Dealing with Traffic Jams.

    29 May 2012

    Huff... another day, another dollar, another traffic jam between you and your work place. Even worse, you’re on a vacation or traveling and you’re stuck in rush hour just because you happen ...
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  • Things To Prepare For A Trip To Indonesia

    21 February 2012

    Indonesia consists of diverse cultures, natural conditions, levels of modernity as well as levels of chaos. If one asks what are the necessary things to prepare for a trip to Indonesia, I would ask t ...
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  • Travel Tips for Less-Hassle Trips

    14 February 2012

    As neat as you possibly plan your travel, there’s still a fat chance of some inconveniences from the time you pack to the time unpack. Based on our own and some friends’ clumsy experiences, we’v ...
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  • Travel Tips for the 9-5 Workers

    7 February 2012

    2 years working as a freelancer gave me the luxury to travel longer than most Indonesians and I didn’t have to worry about going on trips on weekdays as long as I managed my deadlines right. But now ...
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