• My ‘Kojo’ Travel Gear!

    18 April 2011

    In the land of West Java, where the Sundanese roam the earth, they call their mightiest items as ‘Kojo’. This applies to a winning rooster for cock fights, the pen that always makes you pass the e ...
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  • 12 Ways To Survive Traveling With Little Money

    28 February 2011

    One of the major factors in traveling is none other than budget. My friends’ comments suggest that I’m sort of a rich person who’s so lucky to be able to travel more often than they do. It’s n ...
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  • My Top 5 Traveling Gears

    7 February 2011

    This is a tribute to my traveling gears. There are many other items that have been useful in my travels as well, but for some reason, only these following ones that came to mind when I was making ...
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  • Should I Travel??? – How to Deal with Travel Anxiety

    1 February 2011

    As I sit in my office this one particular afternoon playing Zuma and ignoring work for half a day (Don’t hire me!), I thought I’d mention about something that haunts a lot of us. Once you read on, ...
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  • Warung Mania

    1 November 2010

      A warung is basically translated to a shop. It applies to many sorts of business that sells goods. If they’re sellin, then it’s a warung. In Indonesia, warungs are spread like fairy dust in ...
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  • Many Names for Angkot, But They’re All the Same

    18 September 2010

    In several provinces of Indonesia, this public transportation actually has different names, but it is widely known as “angkot”, short from “angkutan kota”, which means ‘city/town transportat ...
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  • Ojek – An Alternative Transportation

    13 September 2010

    A public transportation service in Indonesia is usually marked by its yellow license plate. But, in Indonesia there are a few ‘alternatives’. One of my personal favorite public transports is the o ...
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  • Idul Fitri: A Day of Religion and Festivity

    10 September 2010

    Tis the time to celebrate for all Moslems around the world. Today Moslems, including Vira, me and Tiva, celebrate the ending of the fasting month. It is a winning day for us after fasting for a whole ...
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