• I Too Speak Language – Learn Indonesian Language

    18 January 2011

    I’m just a bit itchy about a few things to learn Indonesian language. I often encounter this while meeting foreigners, watching travel channels, read travel guides, and features about Indonesia, an ...
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  • Taxi In Jakarta

    19 December 2010

    Jakarta is a very big city. Other than the distances between places, most parts are not comfortable to walk around, for its hot weather, humidity, pollution, and lack of decent sidewalks. Now, Jakarta ...
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  • Warung Mania

    1 November 2010

      A warung is basically translated to a shop. It applies to many sorts of business that sells goods. If they’re sellin, then it’s a warung. In Indonesia, warungs are spread like fairy dust in ...
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  • Haggling Tips in Indonesia – Cheaper, Please?

    24 October 2010

    What is the best things about shopping in a market? Haggling! Yes people, it is the joy of getting away with the economy principle of 'maximum benefits for minimum price'. It 's an activity that strea ...
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  • Festivals in Jakarta; in the Midst of Honks, Floods, and Smartypants

    19 October 2010

    We've been asked quite a lot by travelers about where to go in Jakarta. Honestly, it's been a riddle even for ourselves. It's a huge chaotic city, which isn't very touristy, despite some traditional o ...
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  • Friday Photo: Birdwatching-The Art of Spying

    7 October 2010

    This photo is related to my entry on bird watching, when spying is allowed. Although I might be exaggerating when I say bird watching is spying but here is a fact. All documenters would know that taki ...
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  • Many Names for Angkot, But They’re All the Same

    18 September 2010

    In several provinces of Indonesia, this public transportation actually has different names, but it is widely known as “angkot”, short from “angkutan kota”, which means ‘city/town transportat ...
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  • Ojek – An Alternative Transportation

    13 September 2010

    A public transportation service in Indonesia is usually marked by its yellow license plate. But, in Indonesia there are a few ‘alternatives’. One of my personal favorite public transports is the o ...
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  • Idul Fitri: A Day of Religion and Festivity

    10 September 2010

    Tis the time to celebrate for all Moslems around the world. Today Moslems, including Vira, me and Tiva, celebrate the ending of the fasting month. It is a winning day for us after fasting for a whole ...
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