5 Items that Can Dress Up Your Travels

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We won’t deny it. We’re girls that like to dress up and we take it on the road with us. We’re not crazy about how we look, but we enjoy a little color and accessories in our lives, especially when they make our travel photos even more funz Isn’t that how you’d like to remember your travels?

While some will argue that it’s better that you blend in with the local people, we have to admit that sometimes it just doesn’t apply. I mean, if you’re a Caucasian in Indonesia, you stand out like a sore thumb anyways. That’s just a fact! Or let say you’re taking a picture in front of the Eiffel Tower, the Great Wall of China, or the streets of Hollywood, there’s no point of blending in there! You’d have to dress like painter, a Kung Fu master, or Marlyn Monroe :D.

Having that said, here are 5 items that we love using and might give you some ideas for your next trip.

–        Scarf

I’ve learned to like scarfs a lot. Vira has showed me that a scarf does wonders to an outfit. In the mean time, let me holla at her scarf club. Holla! You guys got it right! Scarfs can put color and patterns to your plain attire or make your patterned clothes become more lively. It can also help that wind effect in your pictures. Everyone loves special effects, no?

dress up

Functionally, bigger scarfs can be used as pillow cover, sarong, something you can wrap stuff in, and such. Not to mention, when you suddenly get a formal invite at a high end club, a scarf can do magic to your plain old dress. So not only is it decorative, it’s useful.

–        Head accesories

Hair accessories can just add that umph to a close up shot. Head bands, hair pins, dreadlocks (Alright! Alright! It’s not an accessory. Chill!), flower, anything applied to the head will extra charm your ‘cheese!’ As a girl of long hair, the choices of head bands made from local cloth and hair pins are my favorites.  As for diving, we can also improvise with a hair band bought to see.

And let me emphasize this to all the men out there, hats are so the way to go for you guys. A beanie is always useful, caps are never outdated, and Fedora’s are so IN (Sure it’ll be a hassle but fashion was never about being convenient)! Plus, hats protect you from headache when there’s too sunny out.

dress up

–        Sunnies

Sun glasses are essential for travelers. Most of the time they’re outside God knows doing what, therefore it’s important to protect the eyes from long exposure to dangerous infrared and ultraviolet rays. With the choice of exchanging the lenses with prescribed ones, there’s no reason for four-eyed geeks like me not to wear one too. You can have fun with shapes, sizes, and color.

dress up

–        Red lipstick

Girls, pucker up! The red lipstick is trending the world and you should trend with it. It brightens the smile, sauces up a smirk, and marks a kiss! Enough said!

dress up

And guys, you can wear it if you want to too. It can light up your travel as much as the girls :D.

–        Colorful and statement t-shirts

Colorful t-shirts, dresses, and any other outfit will do the trick. I’ve had my days with dark color clothes that blend in. It becomes a bit boring. So if you’re a person of monochromes, clothes with bright colors might be a nice change after a while, and clash them if you must!

Statement t-shirts are also a lot of fun. There are tons of uni-colored t-shirts that party up with a quirky saying on them. Your pictures can be the talk of a dinner table just because you used that ‘I’m with stupid –>’ tshirt with Bill Gates beside you.

dress up

So next time on your travels, be a little colorful and puke a rainbow. Trust me, traveling Indonesia will be.

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Min Min
6 years 7 months ago

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