9 Practical Tips for Group Traveling

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Traveling can be easy and tricky at the same time. Any simple thing can lead to breaking or making the trip. We’re breaking down the real deal about traveling in groups with some practical tips and wisdom we concluded from our own experiences.

1. Embrace yourself! Best friends in everyday life don’t always work when traveling together *gasp*. You might have a different style in appreciating a new place, or even a different walking pace. The frequency and nature of your friendship in daily life might not necessarily be the same during traveling.

2. Be outgoing and flexible during your travels. This way, you can adapt to anyone. If not, then choose your travel mates wisely. Having grudges on the road can kill the joy of traveling. But compatibility can’t always be detected over a cup of coffee, sometimes you have to really travel with them to find out. I once traveled with a very good friend of mine, but I knew she liked to walk and shop veeeery slowly, so I had prepared an extra bundle of patience when we decided to buy those plane tickets to begin with.

3. Itinerary is usually discussed daily on the trip. Listen carefully when others speak of today’s plan and understand what is agreed upon, even if that means you agree to go separate ways. Have the same responsibility towards the journey. No one likes being annoyed by the ignorant or travel with a party pooper.

4. Markets are heavens! What girl doesn’t like to shop? For guys traveling with girls, do remember that we will go shopping and we will haggle. It’s gonna take a while. But girls, always beware of your group whereabouts, especially when none of you can be reached by any communication devices. This also applies to attraction venues and when you get too attached to a photo object.

5. The same goes when you’re trying to get group pictures. Perfect group pictures are as perfect as the memory you have about them. Don’t take too many and don’t force the moment.

6. Coordination is key. Synchronize your watches. Seriously people, what is so hard about turning a little switch compared to getting late for a flight? Also, it helps to have one specific spot you agree upon as the meeting point. The easiest meeting point would be the hotel where you stay.

7. Prepare your hotel information, especially if you travel separately. Make sure everyone knows how to get there or have the address printed to show the cab drivers. Easiest way to do it? Bring the hotel’s name card.

8. Pack wisely for yourself and your travel mates. Carrying too much weight can hurt your back and shoulders. It can also hurt your travel mates if they have to help you carry your belongings. Not to mention you’re slowing down the flock. Best packing tip I’ve heard so far is from Dina of @duaransel: don’t bring things that you can’t carry on your own.

9. Have the heart to decline a self-invite. It would be better to settle with your fixed group rather than having to ditch a member on the road or bicker along the way. Find a way to turn them down politely. Remember, your fun is your responsibility 😉 On the other hand, if some of your friends seem to be reluctant to have you in their trip, move on. Don’t hate them because of that. Not everyone has to like you enough to want to travel with you 🙂

Guys, these are priceless wisdom that we share with you *holding back tears*. We’ve had ups and downs and bloody experiences to get to these 9 valuable tips. And now we share because we care. So, use it wisely. Now be gone and may the force be with you.


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