Alternative Public Transportation in Bali

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Public transportation in Bali sucks! As a tourist, it’s hard for me to travel within the island, unless I rent a bike or a car, or get a taxi. As I’ve visited Bali a few times, I can say at times rentals aren’t the best solution. This could be a long rant on how inconvenient public transportation in Bali, yet honestly, it’s my confession of failing to look more thoroughly into things. There IS an alternative way to visit the main interests in Bali without renting a vehicle and it’s called Plus Priority. I happened to try it, courtesy of Priority Plus, but of course having the last say in this post.

Alternative Public Transportation in Bali

Plus Priority is a transport service based in Kuta, pretty much where we all start out in Bali. It’s a service that provides scheduled shuttles, being small mini busses, which will travel to a few popular tourist areas and back. It won’t take you exactly to the point of interest, but it can get you close enough with an affordable price. So where are these stops?

Plus Priority office in Kuta Square

Office at Kuta Square. Pic also courtesy of Firsta. 

South West Bali

The shuttle service can take you to a hub in Jimbaran, where you can have the famous dinner by the beach experience. It also travels to nice Ayana Resort & Spa and end you at Blue Heaven Restaurant, at Padang-padang Beach.


South East Bali

Shuttle will travel all the way to Bumbu Nusantara, an Indonesian restaurant located within the BTDC Complex in Nusa Dua. The services also cover the Sanur area, as far as Inna Grand Bali Beach Hotel on Sanur Beach.


North Bali

While it might not reach the very north of Bali, it does make trips to famous Ubud and Kintamani. We love to visit Ubud, even though it’s a bit crowded now. I think it’s the psychology of greenish ambience that keeps us coming back. And as for Kintamani, Plus Priority made it even more convenient to get there.

Plus Priority office in Ubud

Plus Priority office in Ubud. 


West Bali

Gotta hand it to them, they have a route all the way to the famous Tanah Lot area. This route ends at Alila Soori Hotel. Seminyak is also amongst the places it reaches. It makes stops at the Seminyak Square and reaches the W Hotel.

Schedule wise, here it is. You’ll need this for consideration, because the website is in Mandarin. Well, unless you read Mandarin that is.

Plus Priority schedule


Why use Plus Priority?

It’s a great Bali transportation option for travelers, that can’t drive a car or motorcycle, and are traveling solo or on a budget. A 5 days pass cost IDR 250,000 / pax, which will get you to any of the spots above at the scheduled time. I think you get bonus discounts to a lot of venues, too.

Even as a driving tourist, I think this pass is awesome to save money if I was traveling alone for 5 days in Bali and if the spots work in my favor of my itinerary. As cheap as cars rentals can be, they can still be costly for a solo traveler in Bali. And what’s the best thing about this service?

 The Plus Priority vehicle

You get to sit back, relax, and enjoy the view! Or as I would do it, sleep during the trip. If only I had known sooner.

I traveled twice with Plus Priority to Ubud and Sanur. On one independent trip without the present of my trip host, the officers at Plus Priority weren’t as sharp in understanding my questions about the package. They seemed to be a bit confused and lacked in some information, even though I was speaking in Indonesian. Hope to see improvement of this soon.

 A cup of coffee in Ubud

Ahh coffee at Seniman Cafe, Ubud.


– Special offer for foreign visitors, you will get a free local simcard with a balance of IDR 10,000/person. Just to get you started on communication and information.

– And free pick-up around Nusa Dua, Kuta, and Ubud, as long as it’s not too far from the waiting lounge.

And, my tip to future users, please talk slower and be a bit more patient. The pass is worth it.

So how do you get this pass? Just contact here:

Plus Priority

Website: (currently, the website is in Mandarin language, English version out soon).

PS: On a side note, as dense as Bali tourism is at the moment, it runs with lacking decent public transportation systems. Can you imagine how popular can be if Bali it did?


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fedi fianto
6 years ago

Nice transportation start up. Chinese investor? Still hope for more massive transport like hop in/off bus and train 🙂