Bali – Eat, Pray, Heck! It’s Everything We Know and Love

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Yep, Bali is the most visited island of all Indonesia, for the obvious reasons that we do not need to elaborate in this paragraph. But as obvious as it is, Bali still holds some mystery to those first timers. There are so many information about Bali yet people still ask around on what to do, where to go, and what to eat. Fear none! For today we will help you with a small summary of our visits to Bali. Wow, you can never get enough of this island! We have so many entries about it. Ready? (Click on the area and we’ll link you up to our page).


Where we visited the Uluwatu temple and saw the ‘kecak’ dance with the backdrop of the orange sunset. Gorgeous!

Ungasan – Uluwatu

Vira had some free luxury time in the Karma Kandara. If you have a bit more dough and want to be secluded, this is the place for you.


I will not lie. This is the famous beach where the Bali bombings happened. But it really is a pleasant place to have dinner. I’m sure it’s safe now. The sea food is awesome!

Tulamben & Nusa Penida – Diving

This visit was solely for the intention of meeting up with my wacky friends that I miss so much. Oh! Silly me, and diving of course.

Nusa Lembongan

It is said to be a laid back Gili Trawangan, cos a lot less crowded. I doubt about the less crowded part, but the island is definitely relaxed and has everything you need.

Ubud – Gunung Kawi

This is one of the ancient temples that is carved in to rock. Apparently it’s famous but I’ve just managed to know about this last year. Also, we have Yeh Pulu in here.


A trip to see the umm.. err… thankfully alive animals. Also, another memorable visit to Ubud, to the famous Warung Murni and meet new friends.


A laid back ‘me time’ for Vira. This casual little town is just right for those looking to hang out, read a book, catch a breath from traveling, and just sleep in.

New Year’s Eve

It’s the party of parties! NYE in Bali is the event people want to be seen in. Once is enough for us. However, there are so many other places we talked about. Here, we went to Amed, Lovina, Tulamben, Lovina, and Ubud.

Travel Indonesia: Bali

A sculpture from the Puri Pitta Maha of Ubud.

And some of our latest trips,

Batur to Ubud

Biking down hill and seeing some of the uncommon roads of Bali.

Nusa Dua

With unforgettable performances and fun from the sky, not only for the elites.

Yep, that’s Bali for ya! And believe you me, we still have a long list to go! If you’re planning to visit, maybe we’ll see you there :).

By the way, we’re sorry if we’ve never replied some of your comments. We’re catching up with some comments. 

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