Friday Photo: Birdwatching-The Art of Spying

Submitted by mumunmumun on 7 October 2010   •  Blog

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This photo is related to my entry on bird watching, when spying is allowed. Although I might be exaggerating when I say bird watching is spying but here is a fact. All documenters would know that taking a good picture of the wild is really hard. As lady fortune is with me, here is a picture taken in Wetar island by Colin Trainor, Birdwatcher of the East Timor and surrounding areas. He is currently in on the island doing more research on the birds here. And here is what he took with his super camera (it was a 300 mm lens :P). I’m not sure if this is a honey eater or a flower pecker but it’s darn cute! Check out that astounding red!

Travel Indonesia: Wetar

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