My Top 5 Traveling Gears

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This is a tribute to my traveling gears. There are many other items that have been useful in my travels as well, but for some reason, only these following ones that came to mind when I was making the list. Why only 5? Well, I figured 10 would be too many for a just-for-fun list, and then I’d be confused as to wanna put everything in the list. 6 or 7 would be odd, and 8 or 9 would be too close to 10. Yakety yak, here we go.

1. My cute and tough Nike sandals

Soft, fluffy, and they wrap around my feet tightly with adjustable Velcro hooks. They don’t get slippery when wet, they’re comfortable for long walks and light trekking, and I can wear them with socks when it gets cooler without looking funny (or so I think). Design wise, well they’re not what you’d call stylish, but at least they come in cute colors. Psst, did you know, I got them in the children section.. hee hee.. (What? You knew? Did the colors gave it away? Aw shucks!)

indohoy travel

Price: less than IDR 200,000 (I forgot the exact price), it was on sale.

Purchased them in 2009.

I first wore them in my KL-Vietnam-Cambodia trip, 2009.

2. No Fear multi-compartments backpack

It’s actually a sk8er (read: skater, you old timers) backpack, but really I don’t skate. I didn’t buy the usual backpacker’s backpack because overall they look..umm..kinda boring and too backpacky to me. I think this one looks great, quite stylish, and I don’t mind it to get a little dirty because it’s dark-colored, and it’s proven to carry my 17-days trip apparatus (well, minus the fins & snorkel which I carried in the fin bag), which is the longest trip I’ve been on so far.

Indonesia Travel

Price: IDR 450,000.

Purchased it in 2009.

I first abused it in the KL-Vietnam-Cambodia trip, 2009.

3. iPod + mini speaker

It’s great to chat or play wordy games on bus rides or in flights with my travel mates, but sometimes we all need our own private time, other than going to the loo. Sometimes I want to just daydream while listening to my favorite tunes. This gear comes even more handy when I travel alone, when the bus plays intolerable screeching sounds on their stereo, or when I’m stuck with a not very pleasant person to talk to. The mini speaker helps to set my mood in hostel rooms with no TV (well I don’t turn on the TV much anyway even if there was one), especially when traveling by myself. But what a bummer, I’ve forgotten to bring the speaker in my last 2 or 3 trips!

Price: iPod IDR 1,500,000, used, purchased from a relative, in 2009.

Mini speaker more or less THB 300, purchased in 2010.

Indonesia Travel

4. Formula travel toothpaste + toothbrush

Need I say more? It’s what every traveler needs. Makes packing easier.

Price: IDR 6,000 – 8,000.

Available in: convenient stores, supermarkets, also many colors.


5. Mobile phone

Other than for keeping in touch with my family back home, it comes handy to make further arrangements along the trip. I don’t take tour package much, so my travel mates and I gotta arrange almost everything ourselves, like calling a car rental, or determining a rendezvous with a local friend, etc. In areas where internet cafes aren’t so easy to find, mobile service sometimes comes handy to send emails to reconfirm our hotel bookings in the next destinations, or simply browse for ‘what to see and do’ list. Or to catch up on work * sigh *. I haven’t installed Google Maps in my berry, but I will, and  I’m sure that’ll come handy. Oh and when you have a twitter account you gotta update, this gear helps. Which reminds me.. have you followed @indohoy on Twitter? *wink*

Indonesia Travel - Bada Valley

Price: it gets cheaper when newer types are available in the market.

Purchased it in 2010.

I first used my blackberry in a trip in 2010, our Sulawesi trip, to update you guys on rica-rica, hammock on our porch, and Palindo the entertainer megalith. Remember that?

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