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In the land of West Java, where the Sundanese roam the earth, they call their mightiest items as ‘Kojo’. This applies to a winning rooster for cock fights, the pen that always makes you pass the exam that you never studied for, or that dress/shirt that always boost your confidence making you a magnet to the opposite sex. Basically, ‘Kojo’ is not only your favorite, but it is your weapon of choice. And here are mine for that dusty road of traveling.

1.      Swimming apparel

Although we can swim with whatever outfit we’re wearing, I feel more comfortable in swimmers. I love tankinis because well, I don’t have a bikini bod. Just pull up a skirt and you could just be wearing a tanktop. Not forgetting that peeing is so convenient with shorts on. Guys, clearly this is not for you.

I add my mask and snorkel to the bunch because of 2 reasons.

  • My masks are prescribed. For those four eyes, it’s totally worth it! Here’s a tip for those getting their own pair. Get a measurement that is ½ notch lower than what your eyes are prescribed (eg. Minus 2 eyes, should get minus 1 ½ prescribed masks). The water will help make up for that missing ½. The cheapest and yet reliable brand in the market would be the Amscud.
  • When traveling, it’s more snorkeling than just plain swimming. With so many islands and reefs, there is no excuse of me to leave my mask at home when traveling Indonesia. So I take it with me, no matter how much space it takes up!Punishment being regret is a bitch.

Travel Indonesia: Swim gear Woohoo!

2.      Camera

You would know why we love bringing a camera everywhere we go. For those that have dropped by Indohoy, you’ve already reaped the benefits also. I, and I’m sure Vira, love showing you our personal pictures, not to mention for private memories for future reminiscing. A reminder where I’ve been, what I’ve seen, and how I’m not getting smarter from all the learning on every trip.

Travel Indonesia: Canon D10

Currently, I mostly use my Canon D10. So recommended!

3.      Sandals

I’m such a clumsy girl when it comes to walking. I should be wearing shoes to protect my toes. But I love sandals. It’s really helpful to travel Indonesia with sandals, be strap on or flip flops, since we have a lot of rain and the notion of taking off footwear when entering someone’s house becomes a lot easier. Not to mention, when we see a great beach, we could just take ‘em off and run freely in to the waters.

Travel Indonesia: Teva sandals

4.      Laptop

This item has become a favorite since I got Sylvia, my Macbook pro. Compared to my last laptop, heaven knowsI still adore it, Sylvia is awesome. It’s way lighter and smaller. It’s no palm pad, but it’s all the things I need. I wish I were more diligent when traveling on the road, making travel entry while they’re fresh. Not just there yet, I’m on it! But, to the least Sylvia will be there to back up my pictures once my card is loaded. Although it is my ‘Kojo’ travel gear, I don’t always bring it with me. It’s a bit too luxurious for the areas I travel, and I like to keep it low key sometimes.

Travel Indonesia: Macbook Pro

5.      Sarong

An Indonesian casual sarong is basically a cloth sewn together at oneside , making a skirt like cloth for you to wear. I honestly don’t give enough credit for my sarong and I wish I used it more than I do. Sarongs are great for traveling, especially if you get the ones with they right material. Sarong warms you through chilly times, and it’s not too hot for a blazing humid day. People identify it with a Moslem wear, where it’s actually a Malay tradition. You just can’t do the split as easy.

Travel Indonesia: batik sarong

So those are my ‘Kojo’, things you will find in my backpack on most of my travels. By the way, my backpack is my favorite gear vessel so far, but it’s not tested by time yet. Initial reviews are here. We’ll let you know about in the future.

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