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We’ve been blabbing about Indonesia long enough and you’re probably sick of us talking about how cool traveling Indonesia is. You’re probably thinking ‘Of course they’re selling Indonesia, they’re Indonesians. Duh!’. Damn man! You still don’t believe us by now? OK then, if you can’t take our word for it, you can believe others saying great shizzle (s**t) about the country!

Here are some sites, and some of our favorite ones for that matter, about Indonesia that is written in the international language. They’ve been a muse, source of information, and just great reading material for us.


As we’ve blabbed here, is a site that provides information about traveling Yogyakarta and the surrounding area. It also has information on accommodation and transportation that you can use during your visit. Love the extensive info!


We love this site. Melanie has a great perspective of this weird diverse country and she knows how to write the best of it. She reminds us of the oddities of the country that we take for granted. And by golly is she funny!

Travel Indonesia: Jakarta

This kid is actually dressed up as a ‘pocong’, it’s how moslems bury the dead. Hilarious!


The May sisters are stuck in Jakarta, and seems like they’re loving it. While the city is repulsive to many, it’s their muse to this blog. They mostly feature pictures of Jakarta and other places in Indonesia. And like Gangs of Indonesia, they have a perspective that might hit home to you, that we take for granted here. We’ve come to love and appreciate Jakarta a tad bit because of this blog.


This blog belongs to one Barry Kusuma, an Indonesian photographer. It hasn’t been updated for a while, but scroll through the posts and you’ll see some stunning pictures and you can read through the stories of Indonesia. You’ll see how colorful this country is.

Travel Indonesia

Barry Kusuma’s blog. You’d wanna come to Indonesia!


Tim Hannigan has a name as a travel writer in Indonesia. On his blog, there are writings about Indonesia and a few other countries. He’s more melancholic than the others, but he explains the Indonesia in a humble sense.


The most eye catching reading material that got me reading this blog is the list of ‘40 things to do in Indonesia before you die’. I haven’t even done half of the stuff he has on that list, and yet I’m an Indonesian living in Indonesia! The irony! It’s a real challenge, one that you might be interested in 🙂


To tell you the truth, we found this dude because he’s making a site that is our competition. Swear to God, I forgot the name of that site, but I do remember the catchy name of his personal blog. If he can really disco while sitting down, then this man got skill! Anyhu… he has been traveling Indonesia for some time and he has a few interesting things to say.

We’ve got so many other references of traveling Indonesia, unfortunately, in Indonesian language. If you’re still interested to know, drop us a letter (does anyone still say ‘letter’ anymore?) Or catch up on your language here, and we’ll do business later on :D.

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