Traveling without Moving: Tips in Dealing with Traffic Jams.

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Huff… another day, another dollar, another traffic jam between you and your work place. Even worse, you’re on a vacation or traveling and you’re stuck in rush hour just because you happen to be roaming the city at that certain time of the day. You’re bored, you’re tired, and you wanna get out! What to do?

Obviously you will be observing your surroundings. With a camera in your hand, there’s no doubt you’ll be filling out that memory card like a jiffy. But traffic jams aren’t known to last 10 – 20 minutes. For instance the streets of Jakarta can last hours! So what do you do when you’re done observing?

Travel Indonesia - Bali


–        Read a book, listen to music

This is the most common trick to pass time, may it be in a traffic jam or not. If you’re with an interesting book, time will pass quickly! Imagination will run wild eventhough the outside world is standing still. If you’re with your music player, then you can make a music video in your head. If you have the right song for the jam, you’re entertained. Just don’t listen to anything suicidal 😛


–        Gadgets and gizmos

Smart phones, laptops, tablets, gameboys, and other nifty gadgets will entertain you as that good book you didn’t bring with you. Better yet, you might have an ebook to read on them. You can also go online and get in touch with the social-media-junkie within or be productive like deleting blurred and photos that can be blackmail material.

Travel Indonesia - Bali


–        Strike a conversation

If you’re traveling with a public transportation, the person next to you probably is as bored and frustrated as you are. If she/he isn’t making that ‘tsk’ sound of irritation and have that squinted forehead, then why don’t you entertain each other. Start with a smile, then a Hello. If you’re in a foreign country and you don’t know the language, might as well start learning. Sign language wil entertain anyone. We’re pretty sure, afterwards you’ll be able to say ‘I love your shoes, where did you get them?’ easily.


–        Play games or make up a no brainer game

If you’re traveling with a friend, best push that creative button and play a game. Charades, ‘I spy’, ‘Dub that conversation’, are some of the most known party games you can do. Or better yet, make a new game and claim it your own.

Like Indohoy’s own ‘Hip Hop Talk’ game. You have to answer a question with a 3 part answer. Example:

Q: ’What would you really want to drink now?’

A: ‘Mar to the Ga to the Rita, Mar-Ga-Rita! And that’s how you do it! Fo Shizzle!’


–        Get out and walk it!

“We got the choice if it all goes wrong, we walk! When nothing feels good, we walk!” –The Ting Tings.

Some consider those traveling are usually in a fit condition, which you probably are. If you don’t have time to spare, not much on your back, and don’t have any other choice than to pull your hair out one by one, than just step out of that vehicle and walk it. Maybe find a short cut, maybe take an alternative transportation, or just walk that last 500 m. Easy, right?

Travel Indonesia - Bali

You’ve gotten yourself this far (maybe not far but at least you’ve moved your butt), so don’t let that traffic jam get in your way. Overcome it as you will overcome the world!  *double fist pump*

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