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Jetting off to a sunny haven this year? Traveling to Indonesia perhaps? Holidays abroad can easily turn in to stressful ordeals if we don’t go prepared. We look forward to our holiday and want to make the most of the time we spend away from the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives. These top tips of holiday essentials for any kind of traveler will help you enjoy every bit of your well-deserved holiday without the headache!

1. Book In Advance – This goes for everything from airport transfers to excursions, if you book before you travel not only can you save money but you have peace of mind that all the important things have been sorted so you’re not left worrying about flagging a taxi down or waiting in queues to buy tickets.

I got my ticket for the exhibition booked in advance, I didn't neet to stand in a (long) queue!

2. Keep passports safe – There’s nothing worse than getting to the airport and not being able to find your passport. Take a secure document wallet to put you and your family’s passports and boarding cards in, keep them safe at all times.

3. Hand luggage sorted – We tend to either throw in as much as we can in to our hand luggage ‘just in case’ or do the opposite and not take the essentials we most likely will need aboard. Think practically, you don’t want to be searching through your bag for most of the flight, unable to find a lip balm! Travel light, but make sure you include some essentials; tissues, mints, mp3 player!

Stuff I bring into the cabin

4. Keep children entertained – Travelling with children can be a nightmare, if they’re tired, hungry, cold, too hot, bored etc.! Pack some things to keep the little ones happy, such as crayons and a coloring book, snacks, their favorite Teddy! A few things that just might give you some peace for a little while!

5. Take a jumper – Don’t forget that the temperature can change dramatically when travelling from one country to another, have a jumper handy in case you get chilly in the air or when you land. Even Indonesia has chili air no matter how tropical we are.

Indonesia can get a bit cold, like on the Ijen Crater here

6. Pile on the sun cream – Nothing could be worse than forgetting to apply sun cream and falling asleep while our body crisps and burns, not only is it dangerous for our skin but we could be in a lot of pain and potentially it could spoil your entire holiday. Make sure you apply plenty of high factor sun cream at regular intervals and pay particular attention to little ones’ delicate skin.

7. Budget – Before you go away, set out a budget of how much spending money you are taking with you, take in to consideration any trips or excursions you wish to go on, eating out, shopping etc. By doing this you will stick to it and if you spend under your budget one day, you have a bit more to spend on another day.

Indonesian and Vietnamese money

8. Travel insurance – It’s amazing the amount of people that don’t take out travel insurance as they don’t think they will need it! We have never taken out travel insurance, but it’s mostly because our hands were so full with a lot of stuff before a trip that we simply forgot! From what we’ve gathered, travel insurance could potentially save so much if you were to fall ill abroad or lose your belongings!


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