Indonesia Travel: How To Enjoy Your Vacation And Save Money Along The Way

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Indonesia is an absolutely stunning archipelago and one of the premier destinations in Southeast Asia. Even better, with a low cost of living, it’s also one of the best places in the world if you are looking to have a wonderful holiday but on a tight budget. However, there are certainly some steps on how to enjoy your vacation and save money along the way.

Indonesia Travel: how to enjoy your vacation and save money

Use a holiday company

There are so many tried and tested holiday companies out there that will make your vacation worthwhile by offering interesting and budget-friendly trips. These companies are useful in a variety of ways, helping you with everything from suggesting places you might want to visit to figuring out your entire itinerary for you. If it’s your first time visiting, this is a great option, as Indonesia has so much to offer and using one will in many cases help cut down the stress related to planning and let you enjoy your time there.

Choose your travel date wisely

When it comes to traveling on a budget, one of the best things you can do to help save some cash is to book your trip during the off-peak season. This strategy can also be applied when looking to travel to Indonesia, where the seasons are split between the wet and dry. The most popular time with tourists is when the northern hemisphere summer vacation holidays clash with the dry season in July, August and early September, although nowadays rain has sneaked its way in to the dry season once in a while. However, if you can postpone your travel till sometime between October and April, you’ll be in the wet season, which is also Indonesia’s off-season; meaning great bargain prices and accommodation. However, prices do spike again at Christmas, so try to plan around that.

how to enjoy your vacation and save money

Managing your transport within the country

Accommodation and food are both cheap in Indonesia, but one way through which your overall budget can inadvertently increase is through local travel costs. In consequence, as you plan your trip, try to avoid having to fly once you’ve arrived. Additionally, once you’re at your destination, try to use public transportation rather than taxis. Better yet, you can simply rent a bike, motorcycle or scooter to get around for the duration of your stay. They are typically readily available in areas where there are a lot of tourists, and rentals tend to be the most cost effective option.

how to enjoy your vacation and save money


Use cash instead of credit cards

In many Indonesian locales, especially the more remote ones, using cash will be mandatory, as there won’t be credit or debit card facilities. However, the more frequented areas, hotels and restaurants will happily accept them, adding a surcharge that is usually around 3 percent. To avoid these unnecessary fees, it’s best to pay with cash whenever possible, though be sure to verify that you’re using a proper foreign exchange bureau when exchanging, as you may get a bum deal or even counterfeit notes.

how to enjoy you vacation and save money

Conclusion on Traveling Indonesia

With an incredibly well-built tourism industry, visitors will find friendly locals more than happy to help or just chat. Also, Indonesia has numerous expat hotspots, which are very open to travelers. These are also great forums to help build a great network of friends and gain some insight on money-related saving tips while there.


* This has been a contribution post by one of our partners, who has taken their time well to travel and research on Indonesia.

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Nice tips as always girls. Tapi dikit banget tipsnya.. kirain bakal banyak. Ayo dong banyakin.. Masa cuma 4.. Sampe 10 gitu lhooo.. Hehehe.. 😀

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To be continued 😀

Agness of aTukTuk
3 years 2 months ago

Amazing tips, Vira! I love reading your posts!