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Sure! I’ve shopped online before. The only items I’ve bought online were plane tickets. What else?! If not that, well I’d probably have Vira shop tickets or items for me because she’s so kind (and she has a valid credit card and she’s my secretary). Basically, I rarely shop online for anything else than… let’s say it together again, people… TICKETS! Online shopping for other stuff was never my vortex. However, I’ve been debating about it with myself whether that’s a good or bad thing.

Online Shopping

  When it comes to clothes, especially shoes, I’m the worst! I can be picky with no reason, just because. I’m the type that would only buy clothes that I try beforehand, which isn’t a strange thing growing up in more conventional times where Internet was a myth. I want to be confident on what I use my money for. So, when the opportunity came for me to shop online on, I twisted and turned in my sleep, thinking how I could live through this. I just had to, I thought. When the time came, I thought I might as well go all out. I went all girly, my style of course, and chose dresses that would be loose and flexible with all body types. I considered the dresses well and thought if I could wear them on different occasions including traveling, which also applied to everything else I ordered. I remember making the order from Padang, West Sumatra.

Vintage like dress

I’m wearing the Aries dress.

Here’s the thing about shopping online, when it comes to buying clothes:

  1. You have to be a very smart shopper. You have to know your body size and shape to check with the sizes of the clothes you want to purchase. This is a very good thing considering sometimes people buy clothes just because they can and not consider how it would look on them. (or because the clothes look good on the models/mannequins whose body sizes aren’t like the rest of us.)
  2. Knowledge of material is helpful to understand how materials will feel or fall on you.
  3. You have to know what you want. Considering I didn’t really know what I wanted at first, I struggled going through pages and pages wanting them all. But, I got to my senses and contemplate what I wanted.
  4. Hip Hooray! If the website is awesome, you can search for items by category. You don’t need to look at every item if you need just that little black dress. You can choose by type and color of clothing you want.
  5. As for accessories, well you can’t go too wrong with them. I got a red bag (finally, a bag that pops) and a pair of sandals that fit perfectly, since I knew my size well. Now I need to test it through various terrains. Muhaha!
  6. Vendors can be tricky. You never know which are reliable. There’s the responsibility presenting the products well and the issue of online payment. There are many cases of fraud when it comes to online shopping. So, better go with ones that are recommended by those that have tried them.
  7. There’s a possibility that the clothes can be cheaper online as there’s no middlemen. But remember, there’s always that shipping fee.

It was an experience! I had called Vira a few times, not to mention Whatsapp conversations, asking her this and that in panic what to get, before finally deciding. And as the result, well, you can see for yourself. How did I do? So what does all of this have to do with traveling? Convenience, silly!

Taking it to the streets

I have on Grace et Mercy Kanya Sandals.

Having to travel and have a shop at the tip of your fingers is wonderful. If your travels are a series of villages, small towns, forests and fields, yet you have party by the end of your journey and want to look nice in something new, wouldn’t you want to buy something that is sold like in the malls near home? Or, after all those thin shirts, genie pants and bad-hair-day-headband, wouldn’t you want something pretty to meet up with friends to tell them all about your escapades over coffee? I would and I did.

Coup Belle Filbert Dress

Coup Belle Filber Dress but something similar here or here.  Similar belt hereOlla Mini Neatly bag. was right; shopping was just a click away. After a few clicks in Padang, and a few glitches that were easily fixed, my items were waiting for me at home in Jakarta. I was grinning and like, ‘Whoa! Online shopping is dangerous. I could get used to this!’ Geez! I sound like a cheesy infomercial, but I’m not too proud to admit that it’s true and it did feel like an awakening. Well, it was a good experience. Last note, here are a few tips on buying dresses online: – Models are usually tall, so something that looks too short on them might be just right or too long on you. – Be aware of breast size. Models rarely have full breast, so what looks just right on them might be tighter on different cup size girls.

Fumiko pants fleur

My legs aren’t as long as it should be for Fumiko Pants Fleur.

 By the way, don’t forget to drop by and see what Vira got for herself here.  This was a collaboration work with and The clothes were provided based on my choice but the admittedly cheesy confession about liking online shopping was entirely mine.

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