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Jakarta is a very big city. Other than the distances between places, most parts are not comfortable to walk around, for its hot weather, humidity, pollution, and lack of decent sidewalks. Now, Jakarta’s public transportation in general is not very convenient either. If you’re not built or not in the mood for a real city adventure, you would probably be more comfortable getting around in a taxi. And as visitors, most of the time you don’t have any idea what routes to take. Sure there are google maps, but admit it, they’re not always 100% accessible when you’re on the road.

However, I don’t recommend you to grab just any taxi. There are cases of scams concerning the meter fee. So, here are some taxi brands that I myself would use, so I would recommend them to you as well, based on others and my experiences:

–       Blue Bird Group

A couple of brands are in the group, including Blue Bird, Morante, Pusaka, Cendrawasih, and Silver Bird. 

Silver Bird is the fancy one, it’s black, the meter starts at IDR 9,000 I think, while the regular taxis are blue, meter fee starts at IDR 6,000. Watch out for dummies, a couple of other taxi brands try to resemble Blue Bird by painting the cars in the similar color.

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–       Gamya

It used to be a brand in the Blue Bird group, but then they split up. Gamya is green, it’s easy to spot because they’re the only green taxi (still you have to watch out for a dummy), but I don’t think there are too many of them going around, kinda rarely seen in the streets compared to other taxis. Meter fee starts at IDR 5,000.

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–       Express

It’s white, with yellow lamp (crown) on top, Express has been a new favorite in these last few years. Meter fee starts at IDR 5,000. Watch out for dummies!

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Other than Blue Bird taxis, you’d see a sign on their windshield that’s read “TARIF BAWAH”, literally means ‘bottom fare’, which means the first seating fee is IDR 5,000 and has lower rate of meter fee, which means cheaper. Blue Birds are more expensive, but in general they have newer vehicles and the reputation of being safe.

 I personally would take other taxis as well, coming as the next priorities of choice, like Putra (dark blue with dark yellow crown), Trans Cab (dark yellow with TV screen inside), and Taxiku (yellow with white crown) cos I know my ways around most of the time and I speak the language.


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