Things To Prepare For A Trip To Indonesia

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Indonesia consists of diverse cultures, natural conditions, levels of modernity as well as levels of chaos. If one asks what are the necessary things to prepare for a trip to Indonesia, I would ask them back, “To which part of Indonesia are you going?” However, there are some basic things that you should know and things to prepare for your trip to Indonesia. Adventure awaits!

Here are 6 things you would most probably need while traveling in Indonesia:

1. Maps – It’s a challenge to find one.

It’s so easy to find and just pick up maps when you’re in Singapore or Thailand, may them be the general or thematic maps. In airports, museums, tourist information centers, you name it. What about in Indonesia? Good luck looking for free maps. The easiest way to get a map here is at bookstores, but well you have to buy them and might have to get lost on the way finding the stores. So if you want a free map of Indonesia, you might wanna consider Googling it and print.

prepare a trip to Indonesia

2. Mosquito repellent – Shoo away them bugs.

The joy of living in a tropical country comes in a package with the blood-sucking flying creature called mosquito. Mosquito repellent is actually easy to find here, at street kiosks, convenient stores, or supermarkets. But who knows, right after your plane landed, you might be in a rush to get to your hostel in a remote island or to that trekking path in the Kalimantan forest. So we suggest that you prepare your own before you end up with itchy mosquito bites all over. Eugh, that wouldn’t be fun at all.

prepare a trip to Indonesia

3. Meds – Especially for the Bali belly.

Street food and chili. These are the two kinds of food you’ll find a lot anywhere in Indonesia. However, both can easily trigger stomachache as in diarrhea, or as foreign tourists would say, the dreaded “Bali belly”. A simple solution would be to stay away from the hot dishes and street food, but what is traveling Indonesia without trying its common people’s delicacies? It would certainly be an incomplete travel experience. Who knows, it might not even effect you at all like some travellers I’ve met. Take that chance, but still be prepared with your trusted meds.

hot food of Indonesia

4. Covered-up outfits – Especially for ladies.

Nowadays, the locals in general, especially in the big cities like Jakarta, Bandung, and all around Bali aren’t offended by people showing a little more skin. However, it is wiser to prepare yourself with some pieces of clothes that cover your body down to at least the knees and up to at least the shoulders. If you’re going to Banda Aceh, you’re gonna need more than that because they apply the sharia (Islamic) law. Women have to wear head covers in public, and clothes that cover everything but your face, hands and feet.

prepare a trip to Indonesia

5. Chats and smiles – Just to be polite, at least.


Indonesians are chatty people in general. Even when you just got introduced to someone, you can expect them asking whether you’re married or not or what religion you believe in. Bluntly refusing to answer these questions can be considered as rude. If you want to stay civil while still keeping your ‘safe’ distance, you could answer them with smiles, a little laughter and jokes. Indonesians like to laugh, not only when something is funny, but also to be polite. And expect to be asked questions because blond hairs, long noses, and 6 foot tall people aren’t exactly an everyday sight. They might even ask to take pictures with you. Think of it as a practice for your red carpet moment!

Travel Indonesia: Maumere

6. Patience and spare time – perhaps a big bucket of them.

Blame it on the laid-back atmosphere of the tropics, it’s so easy to get caught up in lazing around under the sun, hence Indonesians tend to be late a little or much for their appointments. This happens to transportation schedules as well. You can complain all you want, but that doesn’t always do much. So the best thing you can do is be patient, find something to do while waiting, that way you keep a good vacation mood. Oh, and make sure you don’t book transportations with only a slight time gap between them. Delays are expected.

travel Indonesia - komodo national park


Prepare for your trip to Indonesia and surely you’ll have a blast! Have a great time in Indonesia!


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