Travel Tips for Less-Hassle Trips

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As neat as you possibly plan your travel, there’s still a fat chance of some inconveniences from the time you pack to the time unpack. Based on our own and some friends’ clumsy experiences, we’ve summarized some travel tips to reduce hassles in your trips.

Get to the airport early, especially if you’re going in the holiday season. Who knows how long the queue would be.

Print your own boarding pass. More airlines have applied this feature on their online services. This way you don’t need to stand in long line before the check-in counters.

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Pack light, avoid checking in a luggage. Checked luggage can be lost or delayed, while cabin bags arrive at your destination with you. Just don’t forget to get it out of the cabin compartment above your head.

Stuff your tummy before flying with budget airlines. Some airlines sell food on plane with costly prices. Some don’t sell food, yet they only provide a chunk of bland bread. Some provide only pre-ordered food, and this only works for you if you did order food. I had to fly for 6 hours with almost empty tummy from Jakarta to Macau because I hadn’t ordered food (lucky my traveling partner bought a bar of chocolate to share with me).

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Bring an extra bag, preferably a foldable one, to stuff your newly purchased items from the trip. It saves you from spending extra money for a bag that you won’t really need in the future.

If you’re traveling with a friend for the whole trip, coordinate what to bring with them. Sometimes, you don’t need 2 sets of the same item that you can share.

If the dates are set, pre-book you’re hotels so you can arrive at your destination peacefully, without having the hassle to find accommodation.

Hm, did we forget anything? Do you have other  travel tips for a less-hassle trip?


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