100 Years Hendra Gunawan: Prisoner of Hope

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One of the most successful businessmen in Indonesia, Ir. Ciputra, is a long-time fan of the late Hendra Gunawan, a famous Indonesian painter. Ciputra used to only admire Hendra’s works because he couldn’t afford to buy any, back when he just graduated school. Now, he took out 32 Hendra Gunawan paintings from his private collection and show them to the public in Ciputra Artpreneur Museum, an art space in Jakarta, as a permanent exhibition. Many of the paintings portray the life of Indonesian proletarians, some were done during the 13 years of his life in prison due to political reasons.

Another Hendra Gunawan exhibition, Spektrum Hendra Gunawan, is also exhibited in the gallery until 16 August 2018. It features Hendra-inspired artworks by 70 younger artists.

Visiting hours: 12-6 p.m., closed on Mondays and public holidays

Entrance fee: Free


Ciputra World 1 Jakarta, Lv. 11

Jl. Prof. Dr. Satrio Kav. 3-5, Jakarta


art space jakarta
“Arjuna Nursing” by Hendra Gunawan. A behind-the-scene of a play where the actress playing Arjuna is nursing her child backstage.


art gallery jakarta
“Diponegoro Wounded at War”, Hendra’s last and unfinished painting about one of Indonesia’s national heroes.


art exhibition jakarta
“Return from Fishing”, a portrait of the common people’s life.
ciputra artpreneur gallery
Spektrum Hendra Gunawan, artworks inspired by Hendra.


art scene Jakarta
A contemporary artwork at Spektrum Hendra Gunawan.