Lempad Exhibition: Darkness Is White

Submitted by mumunmumun on 29 June 2019   •  Travel Info


In honoring the maestro artist and important figure to Bali art, Lempad, Purnati Indonesia is holding an exhibition and multimedia show of his work. Known as an ‘undagi’ or traditional architecture, he is also a ‘sanging’ or craftsman for ceremonial equipment, sculpture, mask maker, puppet maker, and creator of death ceremony atributes. It wasn’t until he was introduced to ink and paper by Walter Spies, did he create two dimensional art known to the world.
There are 10 artworks by Lempad exhibition at Salihara, Jakarta, till the 7th July 2019. A special multimedia show of his work is shown on the 28-30 June 2019, tickets are IDR50,000/person. Outside of the multimedia show, the exhibition is free.