Life Insurance Supporting Your Travels

Submitted by mumunmumun on 7 September 2018   •  Travel Info

“I can’t travel without insurance,” Adam from said during the #RencanakanLebih event by Axa Financial Indonesia. It made sense; life insurance for traveling abroad. Traveling to 58 countries and counting, this itchy-feet couple could only be facing so many different kinds of risks during their travels. Medillin was an example where safety was an issue and was proven by a sight of a man covered in blood on the streets in their experience. And when exposed to so many cultures with different natures, it’s logical to assure the one thing valuable: your life.

life insurance to support your travels
We’re ready to travel, gear in hand. But we really need is life insurance.

Knowing the minimum talk about insurance in Indonesia, you might want to know about Axa Financial Indonesia; an insurance company. Like many insurance, it has products that protect and assure your life and everything that goes with it. And with the amount of emerging insurance, it’s good to do much research on the insurance you’re about to commit such as Axa Financial Indonesia at They also have a Facebook account at AXA Indonesia and an Instagram account at @axaindonesia.

Now I know there are times where we avoid the approach of a telemarketer or friends that have become agents; it’s not for some of us. So, in a digital era like this, it’s good to know that life insurance is also accessible at the tip of your fingers. After an extensive read and making that decision, Axa Financial Indonesia is as easy to commit to with a click on Assured of life is as sure as finding one of their 52 offices, which locations can be detected on their website. And it might be the best travel insurance for you.

Kompas Travel Fair 2018

In the upcoming Kompas Travel Fair on the 7-9 September 2018, be assured on your first ticket purchase. A treasure hunt for cheap tickets. By purchasing a IDR25,000 personal accident insurance with Axa Financial Indonesia, you’re are assured a pass into the Kompas Travel Fair. For your next ticket hunt just click on the link here to find out more.