Open Trips with Ibupenyu, Our Trusted Trip Organizer

Submitted by viravira on 16 September 2018   •  Travel Info

Doesn’t matter how much or little you’ve traveled in 2018, there is still a few months left where you can explore Indonesia’s beautiful places. If you’re too busy or don’t know how to arrange the trips, let Ibupenyu trip organizer do it for you.

We have joined a few of their trips and Mumun has freelanced as their tour leader on several trips. So you know that we don’t recommend it just because we know the people behind it, but because we have experienced it ourselves. Ibupenyu is not the cheapest trip organizer but they always make sure you get what you’re paying for.

Check out their trip schedule for the rest of 2018 and see what other destinations you can expect them to prepare for next year.

Though the poster is in Indonesian, Ibupenyu’s service is open for anyone around the world and can serve you in English.


ibupenyu trip to bunaken
Our trip with Ibupenyu to Manado and Bunaken.
indohoy goes with ibupenyu
One of our most memorable trips with Ibupenyu.