Travel Sketching with the Sketchwalker and Hotel 1O1

Submitted by viravira on 25 October 2018   •  Travel Info

“Don’t take anything but pictures” is an advice I often hear about traveling and keeping the destination intact and undamaged. Well, it’s a bit different for us who like to travel and sketch. We document what we see on paper, often in ink and watercolor. Then we take pictures of the sketch in front of the real object.

The Hotel 1O1 chain has been a great supporter for this activity. On 3rd-4th November 2018 they will be supporting a travel sketching event in Jakarta, succeeding the previous four cities (Bogor, Yogyakarta, Bandung and Malang).

There will be workshops, sketchwalking, sketch swap and a discussion about sketching.

Register now or regret later!

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