Brilliant Trilumin Luminaria at Mall Taman Anggrek

Submitted by viravira on 20 September 2018   •  Travel Info

There is always something cool or weird happening in Jakarta. From 11th to 30th September, it’s both. The Trilumin luminaria by Architects of Air is touring to Jakarta, exhibited in Mall Taman Anggrek. The luminaria has toured to more than 40 countries since 1992 – and I just heard about it a few days ago!

The Trilumin luminaria is basically a huge plastic tent where you can enter and be amazed with the lights, colors and shadows inside, created by pure light that comes through the colored plastic. It has divisions of spaces which remind me of the inside of a human’s body seen through an endoscope. In one area you can see white dots against the dark ceiling, just like a starry sky, which is best enjoyed lying down.

To enter, you must take off your shoes and wear socks. If you don’t have socks with you, you’d need to buy a pair at the entrance.

Ticket’s price is IDR60,000, can be bought at the booth.

BUT WE’RE GIVING AWAY A PAIR OF TICKETS on our Instagram only until Friday 21 September 2018, midnight GMT+7.


Trilumin Luminaria
Ground Floor of Mall Taman Anggrek
Jl. Letjen S. Parman 28, Jakarta Barat, Indonesia
Inspired partly by Islamic architecture and natural geometry.
Hand-sewn. Yup.
Taken while lying down.


Seen from 3 floors above.


Can somebody please give me a “Posing 101”?